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Update List: 

  • Fixed guild join request protocol
  • Fixed apple pick up issue while having quest active
  • Fixed inability to complete 'Reach X Level" quest
  • Fixed quest item count update upon item divide
  • Fixed mastery option change was processed when no options set was found
  • Fixed harmony options added by jewel of harmony sometimes displayed as "+-"
  • Fixed Spirit Stone Exchange mix results in invalid output count (occasionally)
  • Fixed Switch UI issues
  • Fixed quest objective item count update after game entry/death
  • Fixed specific scenario when jewels are not paid after purchase from personal store
  • Fixed invalid jewels count insert to GC after purchase in Personal Store (specific cases only)
  • Fixed earrings level upgrade mix not working
  • Fixed Muun items option period not properly set upon muun inventory insert
  • Fixed inability to move to Icarus while riding Dark Horse
  • Fixed Mastery Bonus option probability rate
  • Fixed Mastery Bonus application
  • Removed display of own personal store in stores list
  • Fixed Pet Info display in personal Store
  • Fixed Pet Info after obtain from Gremory Case
  • Fixed C window display for Block Rate socket option
  • Fixed inability to obtain items from gremory case
  • Fixed Level Up point add protocol
  • Fixed party search function
  • Fixed Gremory Case does not load all Personal Store items
  • Fixed minimum options count for Earring upgrade mix
  • Fixed inventory clear command conflicts with selection of buff items causing buff to remain forever
  • Fixed ETOL removal for 4th wings elemental option add mix
  • Fixed Blessing of spirit use for Pentagrams of Level 180/300
  • Fixed Personal Store junk at the end of list
  • Fixed Personal Store search function
  • Fixed excellent socket accessories drop on death (PvP/PvM)
  • Fixed drop of unuseful Ancient items
  • Added Golden Goblin Invasion in Raklion
  • Fixed warp in Loren Deep
  • Kundun Invasion now take place in Lorencia
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